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A Perfect New Angel: In Memory of Sarah Marie Bearden

Her family sits around her,
Their unrecognizable kin,
A sister, a daughter, a friend.
She’s in no pain,
She never suffered,
She was out before it hit,
But nothing can stop the hurt
The family is feeling now.

The car had come too quickly,
Her eyes had not judged right.
The grass was a little too tall,
The night a little too black.
The lady had sat with her,
Offering as much comfort as she could,
To the young girl of twenty-three,
The girl who didn’t deserve to die.

Her family is in pain,
No one can stifle their sobs.
They know she’s not with them,
Though technically she is.
Her heart beats strong
But her brain isn’t running,
No thoughts or words or feelings.

It’s ten oh one,
The line beeps straight,
She’s really, truly gone.
Her family grieves,
And her friends all cry,
For the girl who didn’t deserve to die.

The funeral came next,
With tears for miles around.
Her sister spoke the words,
Sharing the memories,
Helping us remember
The times we spent with her,
And the love we commonly share.

This young girl of twenty-three
Was loved to the hearts extent.
Hundreds of people crowding around,
In memory of a single young woman,
One who didn’t deserve to die.

She’s in a better place,
Talking with God,
Singing with the angels.
If we look really close,
You can still see her smile,
That gorgeous, bright, bright smile,
Drawn in the night sky.

On May 24 of 2010,
At 10:01 A.M.,
We lost a friend,
A child, a sister, a loved one.
We thank God for the time
That was spent with her,
And the memories we share.
A hot pink bracelet adorns our wrists

Bearing the simple words:
You’re in our hearts.

Sarah Marie Bearden
Will never be forgotten
Her memories live on.
Her name will be remembered,
Her smile etched in our minds,
Her kindness signing our hearts.
Heaven gained a perfect new angel,
And the world a new piece of sunshine.

One of my good friend’s sister died this year, in a car accident. We all knew Sarah, and were all devastated. Sarah had a gorgeous smile, which is what I remember most about her. I also recall that she wasn’t embarassed to hang around with us, even though we were 9 years younger. Sarah is missed dearly by her friends and family.

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