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How Far We’ve Come

Korean War Memorial
The soldiers trudge home
And look back,
One last time,
Remembering the lost lives,
The families whose father
Will never come home.
The family whose brother won’t give
Another hug,
And the family whose uncle won’t crac
Another funny joke.
They think of the war,
The shots that were fired,
The blood that was shed.
They look up at the flag,
And feel honored that they,
The simple people of America,
Could serve our country,
And get us the freedom
That every person deserves.
They look ahead,

Towards where they’re going
And think of how far we’ve come
As a world, a nation, a people
Where everyone is equal,
Every man has a friend,
And his right to live in freedom.
And the soldiers look back,
One last time,
On how far they’ve come.
They then look forward,
Never to look back again.

The picture is a picture of the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C. Everywhere you go, a set of stone eyes are watching you, as the make their trek home.

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