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Now In This Afterlife

Monkey Reaching For The Moon


Reaching down,
To the ground,
One arm on the tree.
The pastel colors,
Painted on behind me,
Glow around my body.

I look down,
To the mortal world,
Through the shimmering hole,
Also known as the moon.
It serves as my peephole,
My only connection to the mortal world.

Only a peek,
A glance is all I get,
At my cousins in the woods.
I see them bouncing,
Playing, screaming,
Not noticing me at all.

I swing back up,
Into my tree,
Also known as my deathbed,
For this is where I died,
For this is where I live,
Now in this Afterlife.

This picture, The Monkey Reaching for the Moon, by Shosan, inspired this poem.

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