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Somewhere Down This Road

Shoot for the moon,
You’ll land in the stars,
But don’t worry, you’ll get there soon.
Lift up your bars,
Jump over the tallest sand dune,
raise your hands towards mars,
and find the dish that ran with the spoon.

I could tell you the best of the quotes,
Or write you a story that could bring you to tears,
But she‘s the one who hit all the right notes,
And had conquered even her deepest fears.
I could tell the funniest anecdotes,
But she was the one who got all the cheers,
And who’ll be remembered by her ploetz.

Best of friends we always were,
Always connected at the heart,
But now it’s all just a great big blur,
Instead of sweeter we became tart.
Together forever is what I prefer
And Even though we have drifted apart,
You do too, of that I’m sure.

How do you know when it’s time to stop trying?
To give up on trying to restore what you once had?
To wipe away your tears and finally stop crying?
How do you know if you should forget what went bad?
To think back on memories and finally stop sighing?
How do you know when to stop being sad
And finally feel like you’re living, not dying?

Maybe we’ll meet somewhere down this road
And laugh about everything that happened tonight.
Maybe it will feel as if time has been slowed
As we talk and laugh in the bright sunlight.
Out of us easy chatter will explode
And maybe, just maybe, it’ll all feel alright,
And the burden we’ve been carrying we’ll finally unload.

my first attempt at a rhyming poem, so it’s not perfect. If you have ANY suggestions please please please feel free to post them!

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