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The Devil’s Paintbrush

The picture this poem is based on!
I sit on the hill,
Watching the sunset.
The sky is red, orange and yellow,
With clouds blocking the sun,
And the Earth brown and barren,
Like Hell has been painted all around me.
The devil must have taken his brush,
Dipped it in his palette,
And stroked over and over in the sky.
He took the red and painted fire,
With the yellow he painted light.
With the orange the fire’s glow erupts,
And encloses the fire over all the Earth,
Without hurting the people.
Then he takes his paintbrush,
And dips it in the brown,
And created the barren Earth.
But he paints no trees, or people or creatures,
Jut the fiery sky and the barren Earth.
As I sit on the hill,
I wonder why
He doesn’t just hurt us all with the fire.
Then I think,
God is watching us
And uses the sky and Earth as a shield
for all of us people.
He didn’t create us for the devil to kill us,
But for us to love God,
And trust in Jesus.
As I sit on the hill,
I watch the sky slowly fade to gray,
Whisking the devil’s work away.


The picture, The Devil’s Paintbrush by Ambera Wellmann, inspired this poem. Tabatha A. Yeatts later contacted Ambera Wellmann and sent her my poem. This is her reply:

wow wow wow.

I’m totally moved by this poem, and awed that it is the work of a twelve
year old.  It’s not just a poem, it’s a poetic, thoughtful analysis of my
work, and they are spot-on.  It’s beautiful.  I’m so touched that someone
chose a piece of mine and was able to extend the experience of seeing art,
and making more; I couldn’t ask for a better response.
Please pass on my compliments and appreciation to McKenzie, and to keep up
the good work!

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