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The Flammarion Woodcut

The Flammarion Woodcut


The portal between day and night
Like the portal between worlds.
On one side there is night,
With a starry meadow,
And the sickle moon,
Sandwiched inside.
The other side is day,
The bright sun,
Dazzling our eyes.
Allowing trees and plants to grow,
In its warmth and light.

But if you peek outside the dome,
There are few stars that escape,
And brighten up the blackness,
With their bright, bright light.
And if you reach out to touch,
Your hand will slip,
For there is nothing to touch,
But darkness.

And if you were to step outside,
You’d fall into nothingness,
And will never stop.
But if you stay inside that dome,
You’ll live your life in bliss.
With the sun, the moon, and the stars,
Shining down upon you.

The Flammarion Woodcut, by Unknown, inspired this poem. It is shown at the top of this page

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