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Why Is It?

Why is it the ones you love the most
that turn around and hurt you the worst?
Why is it that all our good times
have been forgotten or have been cursed?
What happened to forever and always?
What happened to friends always first?

Why is it that I always cry,
and feel like I’m about to die,
when we fight over something stupid,
Like a silly boy, or a stupid lie?
What happened to never ending second chances?
Why does our story make me want to sigh?

You always knew how to make me laugh,
You always knew how to make me smile.
You protected me from the hurt,
and always kept me in style.
Now I’ve been pushed to the back of a drawer,
like and unwanted, unused, old file.

You always knew my biggest fears,
my wants, my goals, my dreams.
You helped me achieve and to smile when I’m sad,
and sewed up the rips in my seams.
You boosted my confidence,
and helped me get over the highest of beams.

Just know I’ll be here,
always for you,
because you were always there for me,
and helped me get through,
the toughest of times.
I’ll always love you.

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