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November 10, 2010
is a date I’ll never forget.
It was the night that I saw
these 3 amazing boys
for the very first time.
It was the night that I
fell in love with Burnham.

They came on stage
and I didn’t know who they were.
I realized they were really cute,
and not to mention talented!
It wasn’t until a few weeks later
that I learned they’re really
much, much more.

Forrest is really cute,
and super, super funny.
He’s a bit of a dreamer
and has a lot of moments.
He utters a lot of
What?’s & Wait, what’d you say?’s
and never pays attention!
He seems to think that
“A dab will do ya!”
His voice is so powerful that
it can shake an entire country,
his dazzling smile can
blind a million girls.

Andre is the leader,
and knows how to make us laugh.
His guitar and piano skills
are absolutely incredible.
He can impersonate almost
anyone perfectly,
but his favorite line is “Groovy Baby”
from the well-known Austin Powers.
He’s pretty beast at apples to apples
and is definately in style,
rocking the “cool boy” look!

Alex is the oldest
and just as funny and talented.
He’s definately a teaser
For he can make a joke
of almost anything
and has almost mastered that
famous Bieber hairflip.
He’s random and goofy
but can be serious and dilligent
when it comes to writing songs.
He knows how to have fun onstage
and always rocks out with the crowd!

Their UStreams make my week,
their tweets make my day.
I don’t know how they find the time
to reply to us all each day!
These boys are truly amazing,
the best that they can be.

They’re the boys who believe that
pink lemons exist,
and that brown cows make
chocolate milk.
They make PB&J smoothies
but spread the jelly with a sword.
Andre and Forrest like to
regift things currently owned,
Alex just plays along.
They love their religion jokes,
as well as making ornaments!
When people ask, we just say
“It’s a Burnham thing.”

This is why we love them,
why we have OBD.
This is why we’re Burnhamizers,
and why we will always support them
110% each and every day
for the rest of our lives!
We’re always here for them
because they’re here for us!

These three boys make up Burnham,
which by the way is pronounce “Bernum”.
They are inspirations
to us all around the world.
They tell us “Don’t Be Shy”
and that our dreams CAN come true.

These boys are my role models,
I’m so glad I discovered them
on the My World Tour in 2010.
My goal this year is to meet them
and let them know how much they
mean to me.
I’ll never forget November 10.
It was the night that I found Burnham.

This is what happens when you’re bored at 1:30 AM :] Obviously this was thrown together in like 20 minutes so it’s not exactly good? haha, but thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it :]

For those of you who don’t know, Burnham is a band consisting of Forrest (15), Andre (18) and Alex (20). I discovered them when they opened up for Justin Bieber on the My World Tour!

I met them on 11/12/11 (: Best day of my life. My best friend and I got to help them carry in all their stuff into the venue [Rocketown in Nashville] and then basically hang with them all night.

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