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Ten Thousand Miles

I remember when you first told me you were moving
We only had two months left together
So let’s make the best of it! You’d said
I remember spending every day of those
Last two months with you all
Making memories that would last a lifetime

 I remember the last day with you,
We sat around and watched scary movies
Not talking about what was coming
I remember knowing that we would be
Ten thousand miles apart in
Less than a day

I remember waking up early the
next day to see you guys off
To say our farewells
I remember the ten minute long hugs
Not wanting this moment to end
Not wanting to say goodbye forever

 I remember driving out of your driveway
For the very last time and
The tears that ran down my cheeks
I remember the song put on replay
“How do we say our goodbyes?
Do we laugh or cry?”

I remember not seeing you for a year
When I used to be with you
Every minute of everyday
I remember you visiting for the first time
Those fifteen minutes made up
For an entire year

I remember how much I missed you
Especially when I had
Nothing to do
I remember our  memories
The ones I’ll never forget
As as long as I will live.

 I still think about you each and everyday
And the times we spent together
I still miss you to this day
Two years have come and gone so quickly
But the two spent together will always be remembered.

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