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It Takes Time

“I need hope.” I whispered, a plea for help.
“It’s not about letting sadness in,” you said softly,
“Do not let the opinions of others consume you.
Nevermind what haters say,
Ignore what they think,
‘Cause everything is going to be okay.
Sometimes, you just have to live
and decide that being sad is a waste of your time.
A better you will attract a better next,
‘Today is never too late to be brand new’
So stay strong and never give up.
I promise you, everything will be okay.”
Then you smiled at me,
A smile that wasn’t forced,
A smile with meaning behind it.
A smile that gave me all the hope I desired.
I began to piece my life together again,
Slowly but surely.
“It takes time,” you breathed.

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