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Too Good To Be True

How did I not see it coming?
All along, it was too good to be true.
You’d take me up to sit on cloud nine,
Then bring me back down to one again.
You could do some fancy talking,
But you’d never follow through.
You had me hooked from day one
And somehow, I couldn’t back down.
I knew how bad you really were
But you made me feel as if I was special,
As if I was worth something,
The way no one else could make me feel.
My friends warned me against you
But my excuse was that they didn’t
Know you like I did so well.
I should have known that
All along, It was too good to be true.
One day it finally clicked
And man it hurt like hell
But finally I realized who you really are.
You’re sweet, you’re funny,
You’re charming and clever
But you’re manipulating too
Wrapping girls around your finger
Simply because you know you can
Making them expect the best
But delivering the worst
Does it really make you feel good?
Messing with girls’ heads all the time?
Do you honestly enjoy it?
Crushing our sprits at their peak?
Hopefully the next will realize
Sooner than I did this time
Hopefully they’ll see you for who you are
Though as much as I wish
I could hate and forget about you
I know that just can’t happen
Thankfully now I understand that
It was all too good to be true.

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