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Woah. It’s been over a year since I’ve posted. I know this is usually where I post all my writing but I think things are going to start changing and there’s going to be more personalized stuff posted as well.

So here’s what’s been going on in my life.

I left for college this year. Crazy right? I picked up everything from Louisville, where I was born and lived my entire life, and moved it all to Nashville, TN so I could attend Belmont University. I’m studying music business and hope to someday have my own record label.

Moving was crazy. I literally knew one person in Nashville, a high school friend who now attends Vanderbilt. So that in itself was absolutely terrifying. And I won’t lie, the beginning was hard. Really hard. I’m not good with change and I left literally everything behind. I had a phenomenal group of friends back home, and now we’re all spread across the entire country. So I sat in my room a lot and missed home and everything that came with it.

Then, I decided to do something absolutely crazy and went through recruitment. I ended up accepting a bid from Alpha Gamma Delta, something I never thought I would do. Greek life? Me? Funny joke. But, alas, it was probably the best decision I’ve made here at Belmont so far. Thanks to this sisterhood, I now have a fabulous friend group and am loving every bit of college. And let me tell ya, I’ve come out of my shell for sure. The terrified of heights me went zip lining. I’ve explored Nashville with both friends from home and friends here and found some crazy stuff. I’ve spent too much money and worked way too little.

And now, lo and behold, first semester is almost over. That’s insane. I registered for classes for next semester last week (my schedule sucks but let’s not get into that) and  next week is Thanksgiving break. After that, it’s exams and then a month off for Christmas break. And in that break, I get to go to NYC with my best friends from back home which will be crazy.

So yeah. Thats an update on my life. Things are weird and crazy and wonderful. And Nashville is fantastic.

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