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Christmas Break

Christmas Break has started and has been pretty uneventful.

Tuesday, I got home around 3 and a few friends and I went to Heine brothers (our favorite local coffee shop) and then back to Bellarmine for a little bit. Wednesday was pretty boring, just hung around home all day and then people came over to see my puppy and such. Thursday, I worked for 4 hours (Panera drive thru!) and then went and made gingerbread houses at my friend’s. We had to hold them together with peanut butter because the icing sucked. It was pretty ratchet but it was fine. Friday, more work, 2-9, but I got to work with one of my best friends who I’ve only seen a few times since we left for college which was cool. I then met up with my friend Andrew whom I hadn’t seen since August and we went and surprised Jess who didn’t think he was coming home until today. Finally, today, I worked 3-10:40. I was only scheduled until 9 but the closer decided to not show up so I went ahead and closed for him. A little extra money never hurts.

Tomorrow, I get to go see the University of Kentucky and my best friend which I’m super excited about.

So there’s an update on my very uneventful Christmas break thus far!

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