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A Moment In Time

IMG_9239In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

So even though this is an awful selfie taken in some parking lot, this is the last picture I took that has a story behind it. And no, it’s not some crazy story or anything, just a gorgeous day spent with one of my best friends.

So getting back into the swing of college was hard, especially after being home for a month, the crazy NYC trip, and seeing my high school friends everyday. To be completely honest, I was miserable the first week back and was looking forward to going home for MLK weekend. Things did get better, but I was still more than ready to be home.

This picture was taken on Saturday. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, way too pretty to be a Saturday in January. Jess was working all day, so Devin and I decided to go thrift shopping and run some errands. So I picked her up at Bellarmine and with the company of my new radio blasting showtunes and the sunroof open, we drove to Bardstown Road to go to The Nearly New Shop underneath MidCity Mall.

The Nearly New Shop usually treats us pretty well. We’ve bought many sweaters there (yes, mostly from the men’s section) as well as our infamous ugly dresses we wore to Junior Prom our senior year. So we were looking forward to thrifting. Plus, the added 50% off sale was a bonus!

Our lovely Junior Prom dresses
Our lovely Junior Prom dresses

Sadly enough, MidCity Mall didn’t treat us well and we headed out empty handed. Still wanting to enjoy the beautiful day, we drove farther down Bardstown Road, parked the car, and walked down to Urban Attic where we did find a few things!

We ended our little adventure with a trip to Hobby Lobby, some McAllister’s sweet tea and cookies and then a much enjoyed Dramanation game.

That night, we ordered pizza and a cookie cake, saw The Interview, and then had yet another adventure.

So this might end up turning into sort of a lecture and if that happens, I’m apologizing now.

So we sat down in the theater and a group of 3 guys walked in and sat down in the row in front of us. We thought nothing of it, even though they were being obnoxious and flirting with Devin. The movie starts and they start acting suspicious. One starts smoking an E-Cig in the middle of the theater.

Finally, we realize the 2 of kids are pouring some sort of alcohol into their sodas. The other one was just sitting and watching the movie. The kid in front of Devin (who later moved to the seat in front of Lexie) continued turning around and talking to us throughout the movie, clearly feeling the effects of the alcohol more and more as the movie went on.

After the movie, I said something to the one kid about how he’d better not be driving home. He kind of laughed and said he was fine, all the while essentially stumbling down the hallway. We see them getting into a big red Ford and decide at that point that we’re going to call the cops. The kids realized what we were doing and begged us not to. Devin called the cops and we explained the situation and they dispatched some officers in our direction.

While we were on the phone with the police, the one kid who had been so obnoxious in the theaters was talking to Lexie and Jess and assured them that the kid who wasn’t drinking would be driving. Yet, we saw them drive across the parking lot and switch back to the kid who’d been drinking.

We got everything settled with the police and then headed back to Bellarmine. The kids followed us, trying to get Jessica’s number. We lost them when we got on the highway and from there, the rest of the story is history.

I don’t care what you say or who you are, drinking and driving is in NO way okay. It’s a choice and one that I believe should be punished. It’s something that could easily be stopped, yet people decide to ignore it and get behind the wheel after a few drinks. I don’t understand why someone would willingly put themselves and everyone else in that kind of danger. I believe that my friends and I did the right thing, even though these kids are going to get into a LOT of trouble (especially seeing as we found out that the kid who wasn’t drinking has a father who is a cop). Yet, they made this choice and they should face the punishment.

So this picture CLEARLY leads to quite a big story and an absolutely wonderful day spent with my best friend in my favorite city. I’m so glad to have such wonderful friends I can go home to and with whom I can have such wonderful adventures.

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