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Hello, World.


So I’m part of The Daily Post’s Blogging101 session and the first prompt was to write a “who I am/why am I here piece”.

Well, to be honest, seeing as this blog isn’t necessarily a new thing, I thought it kind of redundant and dismissed the prompt pretty quickly.

But, then I realized: This blog is so different now than it was when I started it.

I’m so different now than I was when I started it.

For instance, this started as a place to post my writing for my family to see. Then, more people started seeing it and I thought, “Hey, that’s kinda cool”, so I kept it going.

Then, I kind of stopped using it for a while.

But, the whole blogging trend is kind of a thing right now, and to be honest, I kind of missed it. But, I’m not writing as much as I used to, seeing as I’m so busy, so I decided to change things up.

While I’ll still post the rare glimpses of my writing, this has become more of an actual blog. Blogging about things I do, people I see, places I go, issues I’m passionate about. I’m still a writer and always will be a writer.

I’m in college and there isn’t time for a lot. But, there are those special instances where I have nothing to do and I pull up this blog and just start typing away. And that’s fun for me. I don’t care who sees it or if anyone even reads it. Having my words online for anyone to stumble across is fun. It’s cool.

So that’s it: while “” is kind of an outdated URL and not for the same reason it was originally, it’s still a thing. It’ll probably get a revamp soon. Hopefully I’ll find time to post more. But, for now, this is it.

I’m Kenzi and this is my blog.

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