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Musical Monday (On a Wednesday?)

So, I know it’s not Monday. It’s Wednesday. BUT. There’s something new I’ve decided to do on Mondays and because we skipped this week, it’s happening on Wednesday (but just for this week!)

So, as most people know, I’m a theatre nerd. The 2 years of tech crew in high school I did were some of the best experiences of my life. Through theatre, I found my passion and some of my closest friends who enjoy the same sort of things I do.

As I was looking through Reader yesterday (per Blogging101’s lesson of the day), I found someone who did something called “Musical Monday”. Every Monday, they post a review of some Broadway or Off-Broadway Musical. So I figured hey, I kinda like that, why not do it on my blog too?

So here it is. The first Musical Monday… on a Wednesday!

Week 1: Heather’s The Musical

Warning — there is some language in this post.

Some of you may have seen the movie Heather’s (it’s on Netflix — go watch it!). It’s basically about a girl named Veronica who is stuck in the land of high school — complete with the perfect set of bullies: the Heathers. Yes, they are all named Heather (and all wear the same clothes in different colors). The movie is pretty much about how Veronica meets JD, the typical bad boy, and they decide to take these bullies into their own hands. And let me just say, things get crazy. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say it involves croquet, candy, sex, Mother Teresa, slushies, poison, and TNT. And, just to make it better, the movie is directed by Daniel Waters who’s brother is the director of Mean Girls.

The musical is solely an adaptation of the movie. And a lot of times, musicals based off movies aren’t as good as the movie. That is FAR from true for Heathers.

Let’s take a moment to watch one of the opening scenes of this musical.

If that music isn’t catchy then I don’t know who you are. Most of the music in this show is just as catchy as Candy Store. It features these songs that are more “pop rock” as well as some slower ballads. It’s a great mix of songs that are just fun to listen to. Like walk down my floor in my dorm and you’ll probably hear me jamming to Heathers.

First, let me give you a list of the fantastic main cast (the original cast featured in the videos):
Veronica Sawyer: Barrett Wilbert Weed
Jason “JD” Dean: Ryan McCartan
Heather Chandler: Jessica Keenan Winn
Heather McNamara: Elle McLemore
Heather Duke: Alice Lee
Martha Dunstock: Katie Ladner

This is just a listing of the “main” characters, but you can check out for a listing of the full cast.

The big thing I like about this musical is that, even though it takes some very drastic turns that are obviously not true to a normal high school kid’s life, the message is relevant to any teenager. It’s a girl who’s trying to fit in and changes herself to avoid being bullied anymore. She deals with issues such as college applications, bullies, and the pressure to be involved with a boy. These issues are so true to life yet have a funny (and somewhat dark) take on said issues. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this musical.

And then, you have scenes like this, and all you can do is think, DAMN Barrett Wilbert Weed can sing! 

And yes, this scene could be considered raunchy (obviously). But let’s be honest, this song wouldn’t have the effect it does if the sex scene wasn’t involved.

This show includes some fabulous lines* such as:

Veronica: “Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count.”

Heather Chandler: “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”

Veronica: “If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn’t be a human. You’d be a game show host.”

Heather Chandler: “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Teresa?”

Heather Chandler: “Grow up, Heather. Bulimia’s so ’87.”

Heather Chandler: “I shop, therefore I am.”

Heather Duke: “Veronica, you look like hell.”
Veronica: “Yeah? I just got back.”

And many, many more where that came from.

So if sarcasm is your second language and you can handle some language and some sex scenes, I HIGHLY recommend this musical. The music from it is awesome to jam too but, just a tip, I don’t recommend tweeting the lyrics. Especially from Dead Girl Walking.

Until next week,


** Quotes gotten from Thought Catalog

Watch the full musical here: Act 1 | Act 2
Listen to and buy the music here: iTunes

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