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Sophomore Year Already!?

So, I did it. I made it to my sophomore year of college. And, technically, it’s my “sophomore and a half” year. Yep, at the end of this semester, I’ll be a junior and therefore halfway done with my college career.

At this time last year, if you’d asked me if I would be back at Belmont for another year, I’d have laughed. I was miserably homesick and had no friends. It was bad.

But, things change, and I’m so so happy to be back.

I moved into Thrailkill Hall (I know, it sounds like the name of a horror movie) with my best friend. We didn’t get the apartment we’d be hoping for, but, nun like Zack and Cody, we’re living it up in the suite life!

I started my first day of classes yesterday. It was a long day, with classes from 9-6 and then recruitment stuff until 9, but I did it and got an easier day today.

I’m so ready to make this year the best year yet. I want to make up for all the lost time I spent last year crying in my room. I’m finally in a major I’m happy with and taking classes I actually kind of enjoy. I have a fabulous roommate and some wonderful friends. Sure, I’m homesick still and miss home and all that jazz (lol) but I’m feeling pretty at home here at Belmont.

Well, that is, as long as they fix their wifi soon!

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