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In the Greatest City in the World!


Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything on here, but I felt like this semester would be a perfect time to update it.

If you didn’t know, I’m currently studying in New York City, my favorite place in the entire world. I’ve been here for just over a week, and am loving every second of it. I’m taking 16 credit hours and interning 20-30 hours a week at a company called The Legacy of You. I thought I’d update everyone on where this past week and a half has taken me.

In front of the office building I work in three days a week.

I quickly found an incredible group of friends that I’m beyond lucky to be spending this semester with, a group of people I’d have never come across had I stayed in my little Belmont bubble back in Nashville. These kids keep me laughing everyday and quickly took the homesickness away. Coming to a new city alone is terrifying, and having people to conquer the world with is everything.

A little piece of my group here in NYC!

I started interning right away, literally the day after moving in, which was a whirlwind. TLoY is a really, really cool company. There are two sides to this company. The first side, which I have the most connection with, is the StarQuest portion of it. StarQuest is a national dance competition and we basically handle all of their marketing and social media. I spend my days doing a lot of social media scheduling, photoshop editing, and combing through magazines to see where our studios are mentioned. The other side of TLoY is just that — The Legacy of You. Our CEO, Michael Cedar, is a motivational speaker, and once a month, we host a show called The Legacy Show. I got to go to the first one of 2017, and it was beyond cool. It was called “Unfuck Thy Life” (pardon the language) and featured four really, really cool speakers. That night was so cool. I worked the door, checking people in. I checked in Chad Coleman, from the Walking Dead, and had a very good conversation with Mary Bridget Davies, a Tony Award nominee for her portrayal of Janis Joplin.

We spent a Wednesday at the Met (and pretended we were in Gossip Girl with 0 shame).

Before the show, I got to meet Michelle Hurst, who played Miss Claudette in Orange is the New Black. My CEO introduced us, but she must have not understood him, so she turned to me and asked my name. I gave it to her, and she went on a rant about how we all move so quickly and don’t give people the time to process and ask questions. She said that I say my name all the time, so giving it to someone is just a second nature, but she could potentially have so many questions. Where did I get my name? How did my parents come up with it? Honestly, I was in awe during the entire time she was talking, and Michael said the next day how much he loved watching our interaction.

From there, life has been a whirlwind. I’ve done everything from seeing (another) Broadway show, walking the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, to seeing a movie, the Promenade, and going to the Met and pretending I was Serena/Blair. Oh yeah, and I’ve been taking classes. We’ll pretend that those have been going great and none of us have been stressed out with getting the crap ton of work done 🙂

A view of the city from the Promenade. This is about a block from my building.

I’ve learned quite a few things already:

  1. The stop/walk sign is just a suggestion.
  2. People never stop moving here and everything is a rush.
  3. People also aren’t afraid to push you out of their way to get to where they’re going — this includes in the communion line at church.
  4. Times Square is the WORST to walk through, especially when you’re behind tourists walking 4-5 across and stopping in the middle of the walkway every few seconds to take a picture.
  5. I do, in fact, have a southern accent.
  6. It’s never quiet here. Or dark.
  7. Who cares if you’re living here and still want to do the touristy things? You’ll never see any of these people again.
  8. You’ll probably never win the Hamilton lottery. (But you better believe my inbox will keep filling up with “Unfortunately, you have not been selected…” emails, just in case.).
  9. There’s always a new nook or cranny to explore, even in a familiar area.
  10. LAZY DAYS ARE OKAY. It’s okay to sit in bed and watch Netflix if you need to decompress from the day (or the week). The city moves fast and this Southern girl needs some time to catch up.

I can’t wait to see where the rest of this semester takes me. I’m so freaking blessed to be here with some incredible people, and honestly, I’m still in awe of the fact that I’m here. I’m not sure it’ll be real until I’m leaving.

Week one is done and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the semester takes me!

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