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Senior Year?

So technically, this title is deceiving because I’ve been a senior since December. BUT, I feel as if my semester in NYC didn’t “really” count as part of my senior year since I wasn’t “really” in school.

That being said, I officially have less than 3 months until graduation. 82 days until I walk across the stage and become a real person. THAT’S not scary.

So let’s have a recap of the last 9 months of Kenzi’s life:

January-April: I was in NYC having the literal time of my life. I have 0 complaints or regrets about my time away from Belmont and have realized these past few months how much I was able to grow up and let go of the past just by being in a new city with new people. It 100% changed me as a person for the better and I’m missing my favorite city every single day. I met my best friend, made some incredible connections, saw a ton of theatre, and met some incredible people along the way. I know I’ll end up back in the city in the very near future and I absolutely cannot wait.

A picture from when the fam came and saw me in NYC!

May-August: I spent my summer nannying my favorite two kids. We galavanted around Kentucky, exploring the science center and the Falls of the Ohio and laid by the pool enjoying our last summer together. I turned 21 and enjoyed a lot of Mexican food and maragaritas with my pals. I also spent two weeks in Miami Beach with the family enjoying the salt water and the sun. We drove down the length of the Keys which was really cool as well. I met a great guy and had a blast with him for about two months in both Louisville and Indy (that’s right — I willingly spent time in Indiana!). I cut off all of my hair and finally can pass for over 17 which is probably the most exciting update. All in all, a fantastic summer – my last summer break!

Spent the summer with my forever friend, the best way a girl can spend her summer!

So here we are. September of my senior year (wow, anyone else getting Heathers vibes?), with graduation looming in the near distance (like, I’ve ordered my cap and gown it’s so close). It’s been so nice reconnecting with my friends here at Belmont. I missed people more than I realized and it’s been so weird making the transition back to being on campus. Huge shoutout to Clara and the rest of my sorority fam who’ve heard the most of my never-ending NYC stories — y’all are the best and I love being back with you so much! I’ve been interning with a FANTASTIC theatre company, Studio Tenn, and have loved spending my time with the amazing staff there and look forward to the rest of the semester.  I just finished the first weekend of shows of Three Sisters as their Wardrobe Supervisor, and it’s been great getting backstage again. I missed tech a whole heck of a lot. I’ve never been busier, juggling school, internship, theatre, Alpha Gam, and Bruin Recruiters (who needs to sleep or even breathe right?), but wow is it making the time fly. And everyone who knows me knows how much I’m looking forward to getting onto real life, something I’m sure I’ll regret saying in about three months. Working and living in New York gave me a taste of the independence adult life brings and I’m so excited to live that again and start working in my field, and honestly just not being in school anymore.

So what’s the plan? Hahahahhaha. No but really, I’ve applied for the Disney College Program and am awaiting a decision back on that, a decision that could come anytime between now and November 17. If accepted, I’ll spend January-May working for the mouse. After that, who knows. Probably off to NYC, but I’m so open to whatever life throws at me. If I don’t get into DCP? Well we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. I’ve been applying to anything and everything I see (if you know of any production or social media based jobs in NYC or Louisville, please let me know) and can’t wait to see where I end up next spring.

This has been a long, catch-up post, but thanks for checking back in and reading up on the crazy, but amazing life I’m living.

Until next time!

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