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Post-Recruitment Ramblings from a Sentimental Senior

It’s 11pm on a Monday night and I’m sitting in my bed feeling so incredibly blessed. We just finished what was arguably the best recruitment of my time in Alpha Gam and I can’t put to words the feelings I have about this past weekend.

I had a lot of trouble adjusting back to life at Belmont since returning from NYC. That transition would have been so much harder without my beautiful sisters. I was welcomed back by both new friends and old friends with open arms, and those same sisters continue to give me the support I need in my last semester.

I recently was accepted into the Disney College Program and will be spending my “spring semester” in the happiest place on Earth. Today, I found out that a bunch of my AGD sisters are heading down to Orlando for spring break (one of my g-lils included!!) and I was so excited to know that some of that Alpha Gam love will find me all the way down in Florida for a little bit.

That’s the thing about Greek life. It’s often perceived by outsiders as “paying for your friends” or, even worse, some type of “cult”, but that’s the last thing being in a sorority is all about. My sisters have been there for me through the hardest of times and the happiest. They’re the reason I stayed at Belmont past my freshman year. They’re the ones who pushed me to take my NYC journey and the ones who picked me off the ground when I was at my lowest. They’re the ones who’ve loved me endlessly and shamelessly, just because I’m me. No matter what happens in life, my Alpha Gam sisters are the ones I turn to, every single time.

I spent a lot of time looking around at my sisters this weekend and just reveling in how lucky I am to have people who will hold my hand as tight as they can, regardless of how close we are, as I’m crying through the last preference ceremony. I have met women who would drop anything and everything to be by their sister’s side if she needed them. I’ve seen women do the most amazing things and have gotten to share the pride in being their sister. I saw the most incredible women who’ve inspired me throughout my 3.5 years at Belmont to be my most genuine self and who truly taught me how to live with purpose.

I looked around at Bid Day today and got really sad over the simple fact that I only have two months to get to know this newest pledge class and that most of them will probably never remember that I was a part of this sisterhood, aside from seeing the occasional post on social media. My roommate made a few of us cry on Preference Night by telling us that most of the memories that the newest pledge class will make in this beautiful organization won’t include us. That’s a sad, scary thought, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Theta Tau is in wonderful hands. I’m so jealous that PC ’17 is just now starting their four year journey through this sisterhood. They have so much to learn and experience and room to grow, and their four years will pass by like the blink of an eye, just as mine has.

I never thought an organization could mean this much to me or that people could affect me so much and so positively, but wow am I beyond blessed to have been a part of it. Alpha Gamma Delta, thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me, the love you’ve shown me, and the people you’ve given me these past few years. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms from day one and never letting go. I’m forever in your debt.

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