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DCP Blog #2: Bucket List

I’ve always had a sort of bucket list going for Disney, so it was only natural to adapt it for the DCP! There’s SO much to do at Disney, especially having the benefits of being a cast member, and I plan to utilize every bit of it! I don’t necessarily expect to do all of this, as I want to work as many hours as I can possibly get, but I thought it was a good idea to write everything down in the same place (that I can potentially add to if I want)! Enjoy!

4 parks in one day
Character Meal (how have I never done one in my 6 trips to Disney?)
See all of the night time shows — Happily Ever After (yes Jordan Fisher!), Rivers of Light, Fantasmic, Illuminations, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, Tree of Life Awakening, etc.
Ride every ride in every park (although my incredible fear of heights might drop Tower of Terror out of this list)
Meet all the princesses
Fill up an autograph book with as many characters as possible
Collect/trade pins
Go to Cast Connections
Make a magic moment for someone
Ride all 4 mountains in one day — Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Everest
Attend a CM only event
Meet “rare” characters/characters I’ve never met before — Specifically the Fairy Godmother, the Ugly Stepsisters, Villains, etc.
Find all the hidden Mickeys — according to my app, there are 982!
Get a Four Keys Card
Get evacuated from a ride
Meet a celebrity!
Take pictures at all of the iconic walls
See all of the parades
Go to housing events
Open to close at every park
See all the opening shows at each park
Work a PAC shift
Go to the parks alone — being on my own schedule and doing what I want to do without worry about if others want to do it as well sounds BEAUTIFUL.
See all of the shows at every park — Lion King, Finding Nemo, etc.
Go to both Water Parks
Keep up my blog/photography during the program!
Flower and Garden Festival
Be the last person in the park
Visit Mickey’s Retreat

Magic Kingdom
Keys of the Kingdom Tour
Try the grey stuff at BOG
Dapper Day
Watch the fireworks from one of the resorts with views of them
Take a picture in front of the castle at night with an (basically) empty park
Ride Space Mountain with the lights on
Become a Galactic Hero on the Buzz Lightyear Ride

Drink around the world
Broadway at Disney!!! — you better believe I’m going to be seeing my girl Kara Lindsay
Behind the Seeds Tour
Eat a meal or dessert in every country in Epcot
Get a passport from Guest Services and get it stamped in every country

Hollywood Studios
Spend Star Wars Day (May 4th) in Hollywood Studios
Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios
Be the Rebel Spy on Star Tours

Animal Kingdom
Try a Dole whip with rum
Find DiVine at Animal Kingdom
Visit Pandora and ride the new Avatar rides
Wild Africa Trek
Make it through the Dinosaur ride without covering my eyes (lol)

Disney Springs
See a movie in Disney Springs
Cirque de Soleil La Nouba

Try the Kitchen Sink
Resort hop and visit all the resorts
Eat a meal at Ohana
See Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

Outside Disney
Harry Potter World/Universal — drink all the Butterbeer
Go to the beach
Explore downtown Orlando

And there ya have it! Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas or if you’ve done any of the things on this list!

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