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DCP Blog #3: Prepping for the Program!

Now that it’s officially 2018, I’ve started prepping to leave for Disney in just 20 days! I absolutely have not started packing yet and won’t until week of, but I wanted to share with y’all what I have done so far to prepare!

1. Class registration

We signed up for classes back in like, November, but just recently found out our selections. There are four kinds of classes with Disney: Collegiate Courses, Seminars, Production Seminars, and Distance Learning.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 8.58.27 PM

Collegiate Courses are just what they sound like — classes to take with Disney for credit for your school. Of course, because I just graduated, I was unable to sign up for any of these as I won’t be receiving credit.

Seminars are the classes I focused on. These classes aren’t for credit and cover a variety of topics. They changed the registration process for these recently and instead of being first come first serve, everyone was waitlisted in a “lottery” system and were then randomly chosen by Disney recruiters to participate in the class. This allowed the process to be much more fair, especially for the international students who before had to wake up at all hours of the night to register.

I was randomly chosen for the only seminar I waitlisted for, Disney Communications. I’ll be learning about social media, graphic design, and PR at Disney University for four weeks starting in March and absolutely cannot wait!

Production Seminars are a little different. There are just two of them and they are for specific majors. I waitlisted for the Entertainment Show Production Seminar, which is specific for theatre majors. Obviously, I was not a theatre major, but in order to apply for the class, we were required to write a paper stating why we’d be a good fit for the class and how the class would benefit us, which is where I explained that I was a theatre minor and plan to go into the theatre industry after NYC. I won’t find out about this class until later this week so keep your fingers crossed!

Finally, Distance Learning is for those students taking classes online with their home school. It blocks off four hours of one day so that they can set aside time for their homework without worrying about being scheduled to work.


2. Housing RegistrationScreen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.01.59 PM

Housing registration was the piece of the puzzle causing the most anxiety. I’ve been talking to and planning to room with five of the greatest women (shoutout to y’all Micaila, Kate, Lauren, Lexy, and Emilee!), but we had no way of knowing if all 6 of us would be able to link together come registration. Thankfully, we got the email today allowing us to link with 5 people, which was perfect.

Based on availability for your check-in date, Disney will let you link with anywhere between 1-7 people that you’d like to room with. You have to have the same arrival and departure date as your roommates and willing to be non-wellness or wellness. Non-wellness is 21+, and wellness is under 21, or over 21 and agree to not have any alcohol in the apartment. They still don’t guarantee that they’ll be able to put your whole group together, but they work their hardest. Being the second check-in date, we got lucky and got the perfect number of links! We also had to rank our housing complex preferences, sign the forms agreeing to keep alcohol out of our apartment (yep, I’m giving up my wine nights to live with these girls — what a saint I am right!?), and fill out information about our car if we’re bringing one.

I won’t actually know where I’m living or who I’m living with until I walk into my apartment on January 22. We’ll be given our complex on our itineraries which come out 3-10 days before check-in, but that’s it! So all the fingers are crossed there as well!



3. Bought my park bag

A park bag was one thing I didn’t previously have. This sounds so silly, but I needed a good backpack to take to the parks and to work that would hold a bunch of stuff but not be obnoxiously big or heavy like my Vera Bradley school backpack would have been. I ended up buying a bag from Kavu. I’d been looking at these bags for a while now, but was sold in a Vlog by Slighty Sarabeth where she raved about hers. And I got a super good deal on it through Islanders Outfitter (and the Google extension Honey — check it out if you don’t have it, it’s saved me so much money) which helped a bunch! I’ve been carrying this bag around a little just to get used to it and love it. It has two main pockets, then the two pockets you see on the front in the picture. So far, I know for a fact one main pocket fits my giant Swell water bottle, the other fits my gum and giant wallet with plenty of room to spare, and the bottom front pocket fits my Lily I.D case that Brittany got me for Christmas that also had all of my keys and such attached. It’s also polyester, which means it’s pretty waterproof! I know it’ll be perfect to carrying everything I need to and from work and while I’m playing in the parks!


4. Planned our road trip!

Dad will be accompanying me and my car down to Florida. We’re leaving Saturday morning and he’ll fly back Tuesday afternoon. We’re renting a great Air BnB super close to property as it was the cheapest option for the few days we’ll be there. We also decided to spend Sunday at Magic Kingdom which I’m SO excited about! You better believe I’ll be getting a “Celebrating” button for DCP that day! I also made us Fastpass reservations for Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Buzz Lightyear, just a few of our favorite rides. I can’t wait to see Happily Ever After that evening for the first time as well (yes, Jordan Fisher does sing it, it’s fine).


This isn’t a lot, but it’s all been so necessary and has gotten me so excited to move to Disney soon. The next obstacle to face is packing, and that’ll be a beast of its own! I’ll definitely post a packing list here to help future DCP-ers when I get that done. Until then, cheers and Happy New Year! Stay tuned for another non-DCP related blog coming this week!



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