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DCP Blog #5: Journey to Florida, Check-in and Casting!

It’s been a CRAZY, whirlwind of a few days. I moved to Florida, checked into my Disney College Program, and went through Onboarding to fill out all my paperwork to get ready for Traditions on Friday!

Saturday, Dad and I left at 4:30am to make our journey to Orlando. If you know how Dad drives, you won’t be surprised that we made the 12.5 hour trip in 12 hours with four stops. We checked into our Air BnB and promptly hit up Disney Springs, where we had Earl of Sandwich for dinner. I’d only heard good things about this little restaurant, and let me say, it lived up to all my expectations. Not to mention, it was cheap compared to most Disney food!


Sunday morning, we got up early and headed back into Disney for a day at Magic Kingdom! We got there right at opening and let me tell you, the park was DEAD compared to all of the other times we’d been. We walked right on Buzz Lightyear and the People Mover, and then hit our Space Mountain fastpass! We were able to ride everything we wanted to in the parks besides 7DMT, as can be expected. We had two meals at Pinocchio Village Haus and caught Happily Ever After (yes, I cried). I ended the day with around 18,000 steps and am still feeling it two days later.

Monday was the day I had simultaneously been over the moon excited for and dreading. My check-in time was 9:15, but we left the Air BnB early in search of coffee and arrived around 9:05. I met the first of my six roommates, Kate, as we went through check-in together. We were so excited (and honestly a little surprised) to have gotten all six of our roommates AND a 3-bedroom, 6-person apartment in Commons, aka our first choice housing! And let me tell you, our apartment is great. We’ve yet to have any issues with it (minus a shower not working) and it was clean and ready to go when we got here.

I headed to onboarding around 10. Dad dropped me off at Chatham where I caught a bus with no air conditioning for the short drive to Casting. Turns out, I ended up on the same bus as Kasey and somehow didn’t realize it until halfway to Casting, but it was super nice having a (sort of) familiar face around! I met some incredible girls who went through Casting with me. Casting was a lot of waiting around in lines for fingerprinting, I-9 forms, and other paperwork. As I walked into the office to fill out my I-9, someone yelled “Kenzi Butler!?” and I have yet to figure out who it was, so stay tuned.

After casting, Dad and I had Panera for lunch and hit up Walmart to buy some groceries and other necessities before my drug test. The drug test was at Vista Way and was running about 40 minutes behind because people were apparently “pee shy”. I was in and out of that room in a matter of 2 minutes. After the drug test, we took a much needed break in the Air BnB before grabbing Kobe’s for dinner.

Dad then dropped me back off at my apartment for the night and my roommates and I exchanged our roommate gifts. Micaila made everyone picture frames and memory boxes, Emilee and Kate both made canvases, Lexy got us all Pittsburgh shirts, and Lauren decorated a wooden letter that corresponded with our name! I did yeti-like cups with a Disney castle decal for everyone!

After roommate gifts, we headed to the Polynesian to watch Happily Ever After from the beach. Kate has never been to Disney, so we rode the monorail around the loop and treated ourselves to dole whips before heading home. I finally was able to unpack and decorate and we ended the night hanging out and chatting about life!

Dad left today after another walk around DS and lunch, and I’m officially left alone in Florida for my DCP. I’m so lucky to have such great people here already and can’t wait for this week to get going! I have my housing meeting tomorrow and traditions on Friday and then I’ll start training on Sunday! I’ll finally find out my attraction next Wednesday after a couple more days off, so stay tuned to find that out!


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