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DCP Blog #6: Week 1!

Wow it’s been, yet again, too long since I’ve updated this, but this last week has been insane, as to be expected. I’ll break it down as best I can so you can follow along with my adventure!

Friday: Friday, Kate, Emilee and I  finally had Traditions, which is Disney’s company27021745_10210765406586543_4970279681439885125_o.jpg orientation. We woke up super early to catch the bus at 7:15am, which I highly advise taking the bus rather than driving. Getting to Disney University is weird and I wouldn’t have been comfortable driving myself to training had I not taken the bus to Traditions. I’m not allowed to say much, but this five hour class was extremely interesting and gave us an in depth look at this company that we’ll be working for for the next few months. We took a tour through backstage Magic Kingdom, were visited by a special guest, and finally given our name tags and Blue IDs, which are essentially our company IDs. Leaving traditions, we were officially Walt Disney World Cast Members!


We ran home to change clothes and eat lunch before hitting Magic Kingdom for the night. It was Kate’s first time ever in Magic Kingdom (or any of the parks for that matter), so that was super fun to watch. The park was CRAZY that night, so we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, The People Mover, and a couple others. We headed towards Main Street around 7:30 to get a good spot for Happily Ever After. Let me tell you, if you need to get a good spot for something in a crowd of people, go with Kate,  because she’ll weasel her way into the best spots possible. We had a gorgeous view of HEA and met some fellow CP friends.

Saturday, Emilee and Kate started training, while Lauren, Lexy, and Micaila had traditions. I spent the morning at home until Emilee got off and we went to check out Hollywood Studios, my future home! We spent that night at the outlet malls while the three who’d had traditions went to Magic Kingdom.

Sunday was my first day of training. I had my “Welcome to Ops” class from 12:30-18:45, in which we went further into depth about things we learned at traditions and talked about general safety tips and the parks in general. In my first half of this class, it turned out that one of the leaders is going to be my coordinator at my location! She was absolutely incredible (and briefly mentioned a love of Broadway so that’s bonus points) and I later introduced myself and she told me I’d most likely be working Jedi Training or Star Tours, which is my preference anyway, but we’ll see! This day was interesting as well, but a little more boring and a lot more exhausting.


Monday, Kate, Lauren, Lexy, and I all had the day off, so we started off at Hollywood Studios. We met a fantastic cast member working the parking tram who ended up giving us a No Strings Attached pass which is essentially a Fastpass to any ride in the park, minus a couple bigger rides. We waited two hours for Toy Story Mania (totally worth it), met Olaf, and then Kate and Lauren used the pass to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster while Lexy and I walked around the shops in the front of the park.


We switched over to Magic Kingdom that afternoon and were able to ride a ton more rides that we weren’t able to hit Friday night, including my all time fave, The Carousel of Progress. We were somehow able to get last minute Fastpasses to Space Mountain, and even though she hated it, we were able to convince Lexy to ride it (and she made it!). We ended up meeting a Cast Member who was honestly super negative and not the nicest to us, and we’re pretty sure he knew we weren’t too happy about our interaction with him, and he gave us a Fastpass good for literally any ride in Magic Kingdom. At this point, it was 7:30 and we were hoping to catch Happily Ever After, but we whipped across the way to Mine Train and got to ride that one. This same cast member had suggested we watch the fireworks from the back of the castle, so since time was running out, we decided to do just that. And thank God we did. I’ve never seen a cooler firework show. Between the lights of the carousel and the fireworks being literally all around it, it was almost overwhelming. If you ever get the chance to, watch Happily Ever After from Fantasyland behind the castle. You can thank me later.

Today, Kate and I grocery shopped, picked up the last bit of her costume at Costuming, and then went to Animal Kingdom. I’ve been waiting all week to ride Everest and as a bonus, we caught Emilee on the loading dock right before going on her break. We also did Dinosaur and my goal was to not cover my eyes but, of course, I closed them almost the whole ride.


Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting since October for — I FINALLY get to find out my ride and get my costume. I have “On With The Show!”, which is Hollywood Studio’s park orientation, from 8-13:00, which I’m beyond excited for. Afterwards, I think all of us are heading to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon, so it should be a pretty good day!

Also exciting update: I recently got added on as a biweekly writer for a blog run by some fellow CPs! I’ll be posting every other Wednesday, starting a week from tomorrow. You can follow along with the Fairy God Bloggers every day and watch out for my first post next week!

Stay tuned for my location reveal as well!


2 thoughts on “DCP Blog #6: Week 1!”

  1. Saw you on the Disney Facebook page while looking for blogs to follow. I’m an alumni and I love reading about people’s journeys so I’m excited to read yours. Please let me know if u ever have any program related questions! PS: i see you go to Belmont. Visited that school and Nashville last year, absolutely gorgeous place

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