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DCP Blog #7: Training and First Shift!

Hey everyone! It’s been yet another crazy week, between finding out my role, training, and having my first shift on my own! As I’m sure you’ve all seen on social media, I’m officially a Jedi Training cast member in Hollywood Studios! We also work Celebrity Spotlight with Olaf, Mickey and Minnie Starring in Red Carpet Dreams, and The Path of the Jedi! 

I started out with On With The Show, Hollywood Studio’s location training. We took a four hour long tour through Hollywood Studios, learning history and lots of fun facts about the park. I had no idea someone could make a tour in Hollywood Studios four hours long, but it was really interesting! We got to “ride” Muppet Vision 3D during our tour, which was one of the possible roles I could have received. After the tour, we had some eLearning to do, which is where I officially received my role and training schedule — starting at 7am the next morning!

Thursday was my first day of on the job training. Five of us were training that day, split between three trainers. Two of the girls were on their assessment day and would start actually working the following day. Steph and Jordan were our trainers and they were great. We learned a TON about the attractions we’d be working in our three days of training. Our assessment day was entertaining because we switched trainers (I switched from Steph to Jordan) and really didn’t have a ton to do. Because we were training, the attractions were very overstaffed for the day so at one point, Jordan took Sky and I back to get pins for pin trading and we ended up stopping to watch Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away on Hollywood Boulevard. During assessment day, we finished up our written tests and rotated through some of the positions they wanted us to have a little extra training in. These training days went by super fast, but I was definitely excited to have Sunday off.

Sunday, I went to Epcot by myself for a little bit until Kate joined me after work. Because of the rain and it being Superbowl Sunday, the parks were essentially dead. I rode Frozen and Soarin’ twice, which usually seems impossible. I didn’t really get to see the World Showcase in as much depth as I wanted to, so I definitely plan to dedicate a day just to it.

Monday was the big day — my first shift on my own. And it was almost an 11 hour shift, 8:00-18:45. I woke up terrified, even though I was super confident in my training. We never really went over how rotation works (the way we move around during our shift so that no one is in the same place for too long), so I think that’s what I was most worried about. I ended up pulling Path of the Jedi at 8am, which was weird because POTJ doesn’t open until 10. Thankfully, a very nice coworker took me over to the theater, explained how to open it, and told me that I’d be opening it a little early for the Star Wars tour that comes through. They get to watch the movie before it actually opens as part of their tour. I hung out down at Jedi Training signups until about 8:45 and then headed over to ABC Studios theater to open POTJ. Once the tour left, I was free to pull another assignment.

I ended up working a lot of the same things in my first shift. I worked greeter and entrance at Olaf, greeter and theater at POTJ (I’ve almost perfected my spiel I think!), check-in and signups at Jedi Training, and bull-pen at the stage for Jedi Training. All in all, it was a REALLY good day. I handed out a lot of stickers, pin traded, and got to know my coworkers a little better. I’m absolutely loving my job and am looking forward to what the coming weeks bring! Also low-key hoping to improve my Spanish, as you’d be amazed how many times I get asked if I speak it. The amount of times I said “un poco!” and then 100% forgot every bit of Spanish I’ve ever known is astounding.

I have today off and am planning to hit Magic Kingdom this afternoon! We got our self-admission passes, so I was able to make some Fastpasses and plan to watch Festival of Fantasy as well! I work the rest of the week (two more 11 hour shifts — pray for me!) and honestly can’t wait!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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