About Me

Meet Kenzi:

I don’t know how you found yourself here, but welcome! I started off this blog way back when as an outlet to share my writing, and it’s morphed into more of the typical blog format over the years. If you scroll far enough down, you’ll still find my poetry lingering in the depths of this blog if you’re so inclined!

My name is Kenzi Butler, in case you didn’t already know. I’m back living in my hometown of Louisville, KY, after graduating in 2017 from Belmont University.

Belmont gave me a lot of opportunities, including a semester “abroad” spent in the middle of New York City. I completed a social media internship with a dance company and a production internship with Broadway actors, technicians, producers, etc. I saw 43 Broadway/Off-Broadway/Off-Off Broadway shows. It was honestly the best four months of my life. This experience has shaped me a ton as a person, and you’ll definitely find content here about that.

Following graduation, I moved to Orlando and worked at Disney World for a year! I worked 6 months at Jedi Training in Hollywood studios. This job consisted of getting kids aged 4-12 ready to fight The Dark Side on stage, as well as working the Mickey/Minnie and Olaf meet and greets, and the Path of the Jedi movie. I got to play with kids all day every day and absolutely loved it. I went Part-Time in July at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom — my dream Disney job. I drove big safari trucks around the Haramble Wildlife Reserve and taught guests about conservation and wildlife and it was honestly a dream come true. Conservation and environmentalism became a huge part of my identity because of this.

I currently live back at home in Louisville with my boyfriend and my dog in a little townhome that I adore. I work at a high-school in social media and am LOVING being back home and back in the Catholic school system. Life is a lot of fun right now, and I have a LOT of big, life-changing events in my future!


About My Blog:

Throughout my life, I have been an avid reader, and a FAST reader. I was the kid in first grade who was mad at her teacher because she wouldn’t let me go BACK to the library after going that morning. I’d finished my book already, what was I supposed to do? In 2019, I decided to turn my blog in a new direction — book reviews. What better way to share my love of reading than to share my thoughts with the world?

Aside from books, you’ll find content regarding life in general scattered in., because I know there’ll be events that happen that I just can help writing about.  Writing has always been my outlet. If anything on this blog resonates with you, or you just want to chat (I LOVE chatting about Disney, Broadway, and my dog), please feel free to share and get in touch with me on the contact tab!

I look forward to giving you a glimpse into my mind and daily life and hopefully inspiring you just a bit.

“Quite frankly, my job, and I’ve said this before, is to fall in love for a living.”
– Lin-Manuel Miranda


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