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Senior Year?

So technically, this title is deceiving because I’ve been a senior since December. BUT, I feel as if my semester in NYC didn’t “really” count as part of my senior year since I wasn’t “really” in school.

That being said, I officially have less than 3 months until graduation. 82 days until I walk across the stage and become a real person. THAT’S not scary.

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In the Greatest City in the World!


Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything on here, but I felt like this semester would be a perfect time to update it.

If you didn’t know, I’m currently studying in New York City, my favorite place in the entire world. I’ve been here for just over a week, and am loving every second of it. I’m taking 16 credit hours and interning 20-30 hours a week at a company called The Legacy of You. I thought I’d update everyone on where this past week and a half has taken me.

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A Look at Recruitment From the Other Side

These past few weeks were some of the most exhausting but some of the most fun of my life. We literally started prepping for recruitment and our new members the first day of classes. It was a never ending cycle of class, recruitment, homework, sleep. Sometimes, I got to eat dinner.

But then came the actual weekend of recruitment. And it was both everything and nothing what I expected.

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Sophomore Year Already!?

So, I did it. I made it to my sophomore year of college. And, technically, it’s my “sophomore and a half” year. Yep, at the end of this semester, I’ll be a junior and therefore halfway done with my college career.

At this time last year, if you’d asked me if I would be back at Belmont for another year, I’d have laughed. I was miserably homesick and had no friends. It was bad.

But, things change, and I’m so so happy to be back.

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