Throughout my life, I have been an avid reader, and a FAST reader. I was the kid in first grade who was mad at her teacher because she wouldn’t let me go BACK to the library after going that morning. I’d finished my book already, what was I supposed to do? In 2019, I decided to turn my blog in a new direction — book reviews. What better way to share my love of reading than to share my thoughts with the world?

Aside from books, you’ll find content regarding my life scattered in, because I know there’ll be events that happen that I just can help writing about. I’m a twenty-something year old girl trying to find her place in the world. I have a lot of thoughts, opinions, views, etc., things that I’d like to share with the world. Writing has always been my outlet. If anything on this blog resonates with you, or you just want to chat (I LOVE chatting about Disney, Broadway, and my dog), please feel free to share and get in touch with me on the contact tab!

I look forward to giving you a glimpse into my mind and daily life and hopefully inspiring you just a bit.