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Ten Thousand Miles

I remember when you first told me you were moving
We only had two months left together
So let’s make the best of it! You’d said
I remember spending every day of those
Last two months with you all
Making memories that would last a lifetime

 I remember the last day with you,
We sat around and watched scary movies
Not talking about what was coming
I remember knowing that we would be
Ten thousand miles apart in
Less than a day

I remember waking up early the
next day to see you guys off
To say our farewells
I remember the ten minute long hugs
Not wanting this moment to end
Not wanting to say goodbye forever

 I remember driving out of your driveway
For the very last time and
The tears that ran down my cheeks
I remember the song put on replay
“How do we say our goodbyes?
Do we laugh or cry?”

I remember not seeing you for a year
When I used to be with you
Every minute of everyday
I remember you visiting for the first time
Those fifteen minutes made up
For an entire year

I remember how much I missed you
Especially when I had
Nothing to do
I remember our  memories
The ones I’ll never forget
As as long as I will live.

 I still think about you each and everyday
And the times we spent together
I still miss you to this day
Two years have come and gone so quickly
But the two spent together will always be remembered.

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Why Is It?

Why is it the ones you love the most
that turn around and hurt you the worst?
Why is it that all our good times
have been forgotten or have been cursed?
What happened to forever and always?
What happened to friends always first?

Why is it that I always cry,
and feel like I’m about to die,
when we fight over something stupid,
Like a silly boy, or a stupid lie?
What happened to never ending second chances?
Why does our story make me want to sigh?

You always knew how to make me laugh,
You always knew how to make me smile.
You protected me from the hurt,
and always kept me in style.
Now I’ve been pushed to the back of a drawer,
like and unwanted, unused, old file.

You always knew my biggest fears,
my wants, my goals, my dreams.
You helped me achieve and to smile when I’m sad,
and sewed up the rips in my seams.
You boosted my confidence,
and helped me get over the highest of beams.

Just know I’ll be here,
always for you,
because you were always there for me,
and helped me get through,
the toughest of times.
I’ll always love you.

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Best Friends

I’m here to protect you, To stand up for you,
To do anything and everything for you.
When times are tough,
I offer a hand for support.
When boys get you down,
I offer a shoulder to cry on.
When you just need a hug or a smile,
I’m standing right here,
Arms spread wide,
A grin splashed on my face,
Just for you.

I know you’d do the same,
You’d return the favor in a flash.
You seem to know when I need you most,
And when to stand back and let me shine.
You never run out of 2nd chances;
You welcome me back with an open heart.
I’ll help you through anything,
Just like I know you’d help me.
Side by side or miles apart,
We’ll always be best friends at heart
You helped me learn to love,
And when I had boy issues,
You led me through them.
You taught me how to be myself,
And not what other people want me to be.
You showed me that I’m okay,
I don’t have to try to be what I’m not.
You’re amazing
Is what you said,
And I finally believe it.

You told me I was beautiful,
Inside and out.
You told me you’d always be there,
No matter what.
You said I was important to you,
The number one in your life.
You told me never to leave,
And you’d never leave me,
So here I am,
Standing next to you.

You’re the strongest person I know;
You know when to break down
And when to bottle it up inside.
You’ve had a tough life,
But it’s only made you stronger.
You’re looking out for me,
You’ve got my back.
I’m so lucky to have you.

You can look at me
And know something’s wrong,
And you always help me through it.
You always come at the exact right time,
And your smile can brighten my entire day.

I’d rather be with you.
Than anyone else in the world.
We’ve had our ups and downs,
But we’re still going strong!
Our inside jokes our countless,
Our happy tears are many,
While are angry tears are few.
You’ll always hold
That special place
In the center of my heart.

You can make me smile,
You can make me laugh,
but you can never make me leave you.
You understand exactly what I’m saying,
Even when I can’t say it.
I make sure all my dates are approved by you,
Friends before guys,
It’s the number one rule.

So I guess I’m saying thank you,
For everything you’ve done.
You’ve changed my life with your friendship,
And graced it with your presence.
We’re best friends foreve_,
So I’ll love you til the end of time,
And evem longer after that.
I’ll be right by your side,
Until the very end.

another poem I wrote for my best friend, Erin! She’s always there for me and was helping me through something I guess and I wrote this just to tell her thanks for everything!