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Final Semester Thoughts

With finals coming to an end and graduation looming just three short days away, I had time to sit down and gather my thoughts about this past semester. This semester wasn't an easy one by any means, but I honestly believe it was my strongest yet because of one simple realization: I finally found worth… Continue reading Final Semester Thoughts

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DCP Blog #1: Application to Acceptance

So I know that I always start out a new adventure in my life saying I'm going to post about it in a semi-regular fashion and never end up following through with that. This will be yet another take at that promise, with high hopes this time! As I said in my previous blog post,… Continue reading DCP Blog #1: Application to Acceptance

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Post-Recruitment Ramblings from a Sentimental Senior

It's 11pm on a Monday night and I'm sitting in my bed feeling so incredibly blessed. We just finished what was arguably the best recruitment of my time in Alpha Gam and I can't put to words the feelings I have about this past weekend. I had a lot of trouble adjusting back to life… Continue reading Post-Recruitment Ramblings from a Sentimental Senior

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10+ Broadway Shows Later…

Hey all! I realized I haven't updated in a while -- I've been beyond busy with two internships, classes, homework, and seeing way too many shows with my roommate. Honestly, NYC has always been my favorite place, but it's also very quickly become home. I'm already dreading having to leave in two months. New York… Continue reading 10+ Broadway Shows Later…

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A Look at Recruitment From the Other Side

These past few weeks were some of the most exhausting but some of the most fun of my life. We literally started prepping for recruitment and our new members the first day of classes. It was a never ending cycle of class, recruitment, homework, sleep. Sometimes, I got to eat dinner. But then came the… Continue reading A Look at Recruitment From the Other Side