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DCP Blog #5: Journey to Florida, Check-in and Casting!

It’s been a CRAZY, whirlwind of a few days. I moved to Florida, checked into my Disney College Program, and went through Onboarding to fill out all my paperwork to get ready for Traditions on Friday! Continue reading “DCP Blog #5: Journey to Florida, Check-in and Casting!”

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DCP Blog #4: I’m Working in my Favorite Park!

It’s crazy to believe that I leave for Disney in FOUR days. When I was accepted, there were approximately 109 days until check in. Now, I check in in less than a week! The time absolutely FLEW! But today, after a long, long, LONG wait, I finally received my itinerary with my location!  Continue reading “DCP Blog #4: I’m Working in my Favorite Park!”

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DCP Blog #2: Bucket List

I’ve always had a sort of bucket list going for Disney, so it was only natural to adapt it for the DCP! There’s SO much to do at Disney, especially having the benefits of being a cast member, and I plan to utilize every bit of it! I don’t necessarily expect to do all of this, as I want to work as many hours as I can possibly get, but I thought it was a good idea to write everything down in the same place (that I can potentially add to if I want)! Enjoy!

Continue reading “DCP Blog #2: Bucket List”

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DCP Blog #1: Application to Acceptance

So I know that I always start out a new adventure in my life saying I’m going to post about it in a semi-regular fashion and never end up following through with that. This will be yet another take at that promise, with high hopes this time!

As I said in my previous blog post, I was recently accepted into the Disney College Program and will be starting off post-grad life as an Attractions Cast Member at Disney World in Orlando! I’ve gotten the coolest college experiences, from Nashville to NYC to Orlando and am determined to make these four months count for everything they’re worth. Continue reading “DCP Blog #1: Application to Acceptance”