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DCP Blog #1: Application to Acceptance

So I know that I always start out a new adventure in my life saying I’m going to post about it in a semi-regular fashion and never end up following through with that. This will be yet another take at that promise, with high hopes this time!

As I said in my previous blog post, I was recently accepted into the Disney College Program and will be starting off post-grad life as an Attractions Cast Member at Disney World in Orlando! I’ve gotten the coolest college experiences, from Nashville to NYC to Orlando and am determined to make these four months count for everything they’re worth. Continue reading “DCP Blog #1: Application to Acceptance”

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And That’s Who I Am


I am who I am
Nothing can change that
I’m weird, I’m a nerd
But it’s what makes me happy
I smile too much
I laugh too loudly
But that’s just me
I do things my own way
I talk way too much
But I don’t want to change
I’m unique, I’m special
I’m clumsy, I’m silly
But there’s nothing to fix
I get mad to quickly
And jealous too easily
But that’s just who I am
I tend to screw things up
I tend to end up crying
But that’s all I’ll ever be
I’m a writer, I’m a dreamer
I dream big and never say never
It’s just who I am
You can try to change me
You can try really hard
But I love who I am
And that’s all there is to it.